How does Domaten work?
Domaten is a platform for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals.
From home cleaning to Dog Walking, Domaten instantly matches thousands of customers every week with top-rated professionals in few countries and cities, but growing and expanding in new locations.

With a seamless 2 min booking process, secure payment, and a our Doamten Captive Balance, Domaten is the easiest, most convenient way to book home/office services.

Ready to change how you get stuff done around the house/office?

  • Start by visiting and enter your country and city.
  • Select the service you want to book. We’ll double-check to make sure we’re available in your area.
  • Pick a date and time that works for you and choose a available provider.
  • We’ll take payment electronically, through the magic of the internet, and confirm your booking.
  • On the big day, a highly-rated professional will arrive at your home/office ready to get the job done right.
  • If you choose to post a job/task and to get a budget for it, you will be contacted by our services providers.

That’s it. We’ll see you soon.

How do I make an account?
Costumer : When you make your first booking, we’ll create a Domaten account for you.
Alternatively, if you sign up using Facebook, that’ll also create an account.
Ready to make a booking? Book on the web.

Service Provider : Register as a provider in our registation form.

What makes us unique?
At Domaten, we believe in creating a great deal for both our customers and the service provider on our platform.
We’re not a full-service agency with middle management or inspection checklists—we take all of that out so you get real value for money.

For our customers:

  • Online payments ans safe captive balance: no more faffing or hunting for cash
  • Fantastic customer service: our team is just a phone call away or en email
  • Transparent pricing and booking: choose a service provider to add to your shortlist within your price range and at the experience level that you want
  • Option to try a one-off service before committing to a regular booking service

For our providers:

  • The freedom to set their own hourly rate.
  • A dedicated support team, so our providers can focus on what they do best.
  • The providers on our platform are independent and self-employed. We offer them the flexibility to accept the jobs they would like, and they manage their own schedule.

How do I contact Domaten?
Our customer experience team uses email to handle the majority of cases.
You can send us an email using the contact form. The more detailed you are, the faster we’ll be able to help you.
For urgent issues, we aim to respond within minutes or you can call us.

Service Provider: If you need to get in touch with Domaten, please head follow the instructions on your provider page.

How are Domaten services priced?
All of our services are billed hourly, and there’s a 1 hour minimum for most services. Depending on the size of the job/task, it may take more time.
It is a minimum price/hour for each country/city and each provider can increase/decrease his price/hour based on her/his own schedule, day of the week or hours or even in national holidays in a certain location.
Materials (for exemple for cleaning services) are extra, so if you’re getting something to clean, you need to provide or pay for the cleaning products and tools or to book a privider with this option inluded on the final price.
To get an estimate budget, select the service you need by posting a job or making a new booking and follow the instructions.
You’ll be given an estimate budget based on the details of your job/task in a maximum 1 week.

Do I need to be home?
Whether or not you’re home during your booking is up to you!
When you make a booking, you’ll be prompted to give your professional entry instructions.
If you have a doorman or can hide a key somewhere or you use a keypoint service, there’s no need for you to be home.
Feel free to stick around during the booking. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is fine.
In any case, please don’t forget about your bookings.
We’ll remind you with an email, a text message, and a push notification, but if your service provider can’t get in the door by following your entry instructions, or if you aren’t home when you said you would be, you’ll be charged the full cost of the booking.

My preparation – How do I get ready for the service?
Sit back, put the kettle on, and relax.
Your request has been sent to the service provider/s in your area and we’ll be in touch as soon as your booking is confirmed.
Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us right away: it can take a little longer depending on your time and location.
If we have any issues, we’ll use the flexibility options you may have mentioned when booking.

What’s the Domaten cancellation policy?
The Domaten platform is made to be flexible, followed by our rules.
Our policies are designed to promote a reliable, consistent experience for customers and service providers alike.
Considering that schedules can quickly change. When rescheduling or spiking a booking with sort notice causes professionals to lose valuable work
Therefore, free fees for the costumer apply when bookings are cancelled or rescheduled with more than 24 hours of your booking’s start time.
When bookings are cancelled or rescheduled within 12-24 hours, we will charge 50% of the price and 100% when bookings are cancelled or rescheduled within 12 hours of your booking’s start time.

Reschedule a booking
Something come up? No worries. We’re flexible. Feel free to skip or reschedule any booking, for free, as long as you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Later than that, and there is a fee, which is passed on to the service provider.

Request a refund of credits
We’ll automatically credit your account if you cancel a booking that’s already been billed.
If you prefer a refund, let us know by submitting a ticket.

Adjust booking hours
Does your service provider need more time than expected to complete your service?
If that’s the case, and you approve, let us know using the contact form.
Our customer experience team will be able to adjust the hours for you or to suggest you another provider or a team.
If you want to adjust the booking hours on a job/task in the future you can make the change on your own.

My service provider left early
Did your professional finish the job to your satisfaction in record time?
If that’s the case, you can adjust the hours by contacting our customer experience team and explaining the situation to them.
Please note that our bookings are subject to 1 hour minimum.
If the service provider left the job unfinished please be sure to rate her/him.
Any service provider you rate lower than three stars won’t be matched with you again.
After that, contact the Domaten customer experience team so we can refund you for all the unused time.

My service provider never arrived
You should never have to deal with uncertainty around your booking experience, and we apologize for the lapse in service.
Working with people and not with machines, fail can happen because of the sickness, personal accidents, etc.
You can use the contact form to get in touch with our customer experience team; we aim to respond to urgent issues like this within minutes.
Again, our apologies.
We hope you’ll give us a chance to make this right.
If you’d like a replacement booking 24 hours from now, please include this request along with your availability.
If you’d like a replacement booking but aren’t sure when you’re available, just let us know!

Unsatisfactory service
We’re sorry to hear that your professional’s service didn’t live up to your expectations.
Your satisfaction with our services is our goal. That’s why we have our Domaten Captive Balance.
If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right and you can pay less for the service provider.
Sometimes the booked time is not enough for a perfect service. Before making a complaint, be sure the service provider gives her/his best to serve you.
We set high standards, and all of the professionals on our platform are meant to provide quality service.
Please be sure to rate your professional, so that our system won’t match you with them again. If you’d like, you can also reach out to our customer experience team for assistance. Please provide as much detail as you are able.

What should I do if I have a pet?
Do you have a furry friend? A scaled friend? An imaginary friend?
It’s good practice to let your professional know in advance, because unfortunately, some people have allergies.
When you make a booking, you’ll have the option to write a note to your provider; this is the perfect spot to let them know about your pets!
If the booking was already made, it’s easy to go back in and edit your note; just open your Domaten costumer page and go to your Bookings tab.

How can I leave feedback for my service provider?
To leave feedback, please log in to your Domaten account, click on ‘write a review’ under your provider’s name.
Alternatively, please email your feedback to
We really value feedback about the providers in Domaten platform and it helps you and another costumesr to choose the best profissionals based on their reviews.

How do I refer a friend to use Domaten?
Your referral code is sent to you by email when you registered on the Domaten site.
You are also able to view your referral code by signing into your Domaten customer account.
You find the code on your home page in the ‘Refer A Friend’ section.

Can I refer my current provider to work for Domaten?
We appreciate individuals with experience in providing services, so yes! You can refer her/him to register on our platform.

How can I register as a service provider on the Domaten platform?
You can register by filling in the registration form on our website.
Afterwards, you will be asked to submit your ID documents for an identity verification check.
If your documents have been verified successfully, your account will be live and you will be ready to receive services offers and to manage your booking schedule!

Still need help?
Have we not answered your question?
Don’t worry, for more information you can contact us using our contact form.